I started a blog a few years back as a way to share pain that I was going through. I walked through a dark season in life, and emerged with a stronger heart and head because I had people who came alongside me to support and encourage.

I love Jesus a whole lot, and so learned more about His heart for me and the journey He had in store for me, all through writing. This is when I noticed the power that laid in the connection of my fingers on a keyboard. Words mattered then, and they still matter now.

I originally had my own name as the domain, but as I brewed over the idea of growing it into something bigger, I dreamed a dream one night where the Lord highlighted the word “worthy".

You are worthy. Your story is worthy.


This is a space for you to come and share your heart about things that matter. I love Jesus and will continue to share my own walk with Him through the pages of this site, but I invite you to do so as well.

When we share, we declare. When we declare, we grow.

This is a community for you to share and declare in.

Join our Facebook group here and join a community of people rallying for each other, pushing each other on in prayer, cheering each other on in day-to-day life, through the highs, lows and everything in between!


So thanks for being here and taking the time to read these stories.

With love,