whytecliffe with sophie.

Hey! Thanks for coming to the new blog. This is the FIRST post on katiemaryschuk.com and I could not be more excited! To start off the excitement, this post is from this past Saturday when my bestie and I headed out to Whytecliff Park in West Van. We found this treasure nugget back in early April. It quickly became a sort of safe place for us - we had both just finished our year of university and we brought out a picnic lunch and had fun taking some photos. After a while, we prayed over the summer and the next year as well as our friendship. It was truly wonderful. 


This was our first time back since that day in April, and it was a busy day, both at Whytecliff and for us! We had a "sister" bonding weekend filled with yoga, bike rides, fireworks, a sleepover, good coffee, avocados, car rides, photos, makeup and just quality conversation. Sophie is so beautiful and I am extremely thankful for her friendship! She radiates Christ, has a yearning heart to just love on people and wants to see others succeed.


The reason I put this post in the "beauty" category is for a few reasons and ultimately explains part of the purpose of this blog. I believe Sophie and many of the other women in my life to be insanely radiant - a gift from Christ! How could I post something about encouraging others and post about truths from the Lord if I don't fully believe in them myself? Proverbs 31 is reflected on a lot, but reflects TRUTH about us as people and specifically, daughters of Christ (no kidding, it's in the Bible!). We are FAR MORE important and valuable to the Lord than any man-made treasure. Remember that. We have the ability to set the tone of beauty for those around us, by encouraging and uplifting others to their God-given character and potential.