traditions built.

Happy 30 days until Christmas! While I know that's not an official date, it's exciting that the real countdown is on. I always feel a bit weird about turning on Christmas music before mid-November, particularly before Remembrance Day. Beyond it feeling weird, by friend offered up the idea this year that playing Christmas music the MOMENT Halloween is over edges on offensive towards the meaning of Remembrance Day. 


Anywho, today was a wonderful day spent with my sister, Sarah! You've seen her in posts before, and she really is a great photo subject :). She made it our mission today to go out and find our very own Christmas tree. We are now living together and on our own, and she's sticking around for a while longer than I am here, so we found/cut down/bought a tree. 


Our family back home in Kelowna always has an artificial tree, which is totally cool, but there was something so great about going out with Sarah and cutting it down for ourselves. That's why it was such a big deal. I realize so many families go out and get their trees each year, but we haven't ever done that! We decided then and there that this would now be a tradition, with our future families, spouses, etc.


I love traditions and can only imagine and be hopeful for the years to come. 


Now that it's one month before Christmas, I can't wait to share more with you that the semester is winding down. Give me a week or two to set out for exams, then I hope to share more about how this crazy semester has been with you!


With love,




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