time at the lake.

Hey! Welcome back to the blog! Life has been busy and summer is almost over! Last weekend I had the chance to drive up the Fraser Canyon to my favourite fishing spot with my family. My parents had been at the cabin since Wednesday, and my sister drove from Kelowna on Friday morning and I joined Friday night for 36 hours of fishing and quality fam-time.


You might be wondering...why is this post in "relationships"? I placed it here simply because the lake represents a time where I can build relationship, both with my family and with God.


Time at the lake is quite literally never wasted. My family has been going up to the Evergreen Fishing Resort at Loon Lake, NW of Kamloops for as long as I can remember...I'm pretty sure I was there the summer before I was born. I missed one summer when I was about 8 months old, but have been going since then! In my preteens we would even go up for the Thanksgiving weekend and get in four or five days of cool fall fishing. 


Loon Lake holds a real and tangible place in my heart - this is a place where I knew I could come every summer and be with family and quite frankly, just be myself. I learned how to fish at the age of 3 and still hold the family record for longest fish caught (18.5 inches). Up until around 2003, my grandparents and extended family would come up with us, and I got to connect with them over bike races, rowing contests, feeding the wildlife and cabin snuggles. This is where I grew up, even if just for 7 days every summer.


There are so many stories I could tell about the lake, and the good times there, but I'll recount just a couple.


We always had epic battles with the resident eagles (not so much anymore)...so intense that they would swoop down within metres of our boat and try and catch the fish that we had on our line! Sometimes they succeeded, and other times we would scream and yell and pretend to throw things at them (animal activists, no endangered bald eagles were harmed in the process). We created a role for the fourth person on boat who wasn't fishing (usually myself in the bow), and we dubbed it "eagle duty" or "eagle lookout". As soon as a fish hit, they would instantly be on the lookout for the eagle and warn the rest of it's location.


Another year, when my sister and I were a little older, we learned how to wake-surf! The lake itself is a fishing lake for sure, but as the lake is pretty big, newcomers have brought ski and surf boats on. It makes for a bit of an annoying surf and definitley erodes the shoreline, but the water mimics glass in the morning, so I don't blame them for wanting to get out and enjoy the water. One day we were trolling past a dock where two or three young boys were hanging out. Later on, they brought their ski boat to our fishing dock and to the shock of my sister and I, my mother willingly agreed to let us go out for a few hours with these boys to learn how to wake board and surf. Neither of us had ever tried it, and it was a blast. We haven't seen the boys since.

The role of the lake in my own life has changed drastically over the past several years. When I was young, it was all about getting up early in the morning and heading out at 6am with dad to catch the big fish. We would ride our bikes every day, go swimming, and venture up to 100 Mile House for one day of the week. Now, the lake serves as a place of rest, sort of like what I mentioned in my last post here. When my relationship with Christ became more legitimate, I started to bring my Bible up and spend mornings out on the dock or on the cabin deck, reading and simply being quiet with the Lord. This is quite possibly my favourite place on earth because it has taught me HOW to rest, and was the first place I knew I could do so. I also feel pretty boss doing something that not a lot of people know how to do...fish.


This year was short...I mean real short. I left straight from work in Surrey, booked it up the Fraser Canyon (great drive if you ever have the chance to do it!) and arrive just after 10pm. As a family we caught up and went to bed shortly after. My sister and I love to bug my parents and it's sort of neat because the way the cabins are set up, are so there are two bedrooms beside each other and a cot in the living room. We were loud and obnoxious and got to just be sisters for a while without the demands of work or city life. The room set up was perfect because my parents couldn't escape our rambunctious giggles.


In the morning we all slept in (PRAISE JESUS) and my sister and dad went out for the morning/afternoon session. I went down to the dock, read a bit, had great relationship conversation with my mama bear (the best kind!) and got to even out my horrendous tan from work. We ate lunch, then I got to head out with my mom and dad! Before the weekend was over, I caught two fish, one an 11-incher and the other closer to 14. Score! I'll tie a fly, play the fish, kill it, touch it (heck lets hang out why don't we?), gut it, but I refuse to eat it. Trout is just plain nasty...sorry! We ended up fishing into the evening and then went out in the morning again. My sister and I left just after noon to come back into Vancouver. 


I am thankful for that time of rest...I was honestly looking forward to it. Despite only being up there for 36 hours, I got to dive into my devotions, write to God and dwell in His presence.


That's all for this week. Stay tuned for a post about what the fall will look like! Big things are ahead and I am moving forward with hope as God continues to shape the future. I will leave you with these ideas, as I have been diving into some awesome OT books and stories as of late. After reading the books of Ruth and Esther this past week (woooo for #biblicalwomen), as well as reading about David and his encounter with Goliath, I am reminded that our God is the same God which delivered those people and brought them through their difficulties. Hebrews 13:8 says this: "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever". Man oh man, we serve a good good Father who never changes. How unreal is that? I hope that you will find rest in that this week, and know that our Father is only ever for us, never against.


- katie.