this is my why.

It’s a new month and that felt right to revive this little space of the internet. It’s been such a good summer and my hiatus from writing turned out to be much longer than I anticipated but also a reminder of why I write in the first place.


I want to be excellent at writing, and deliver a story and words that not only inspire but speak truth and help you realize or recognize a truth about yourself. Yes, sometimes the fear of writing holds me back, but rather the time I took away instilled in me my “why”.

Why do you do what you do?

Is it because you were born with that ability? Is it due in part to the time you’ve prioritized towards that one thing? Is it because it pays the bills? For all the reasons in the world I could think of, I came back to one small yet significant reason: it honours God because it’s how I get to share His love with the world.

It’s a space I can invite others into, it’s words I can entrust others to read. The words that flow from my head to my heart and to the keyboard hold the Spirit’s potential to change hearts. Even if that’s just one heart. That’s a heart to Jesus.

Thanks for continuing to read, even in the ins and outs of rest and sabbatical and learning to trust the things God puts in our lives, including blogs and little spaces of the internet. It’s an honour to write here, and I hope that you would feel comfortable to one day share your story here too.