this is my story.

Hi there!

My name is Katie.

Many of you I know, but some of you are brand new to my website and blog. Welcome here. This is a space for you to feel safe and there will be no judgement. Come as you are, as my friend reminds me.

I want to tell you my story.

I was raised as a Christian and aim to live a life in love with Abba, my Father, God Almighty. That might sound kinda weird, but at the root of it all, I love Jesus. I want to passionately know Him, and want for others to know the redeeming grace, love and truth behind His life and Word.

Those who are reading this, you might not believe in God. Like I said, come as you are. Questions, everything you have, everything you think and the way you are, just be here! If this is simply an escape from the craziness of the world or the wormhole of the internet, I acknowledge you here.

But, I truly hope that it’s more than that.

I was raised in the Okanagan Valley in BC. I loved living there (particularly for the fruit and wonderful friendships that blossomed), but when I was 17 I moved to the West Coast to start a new season at university. I attended a small post-graduate institution, and recently graduated with a BA in media and comm…thus the blog. I live in a quaint storybook town in a quaint storybook home (see Instagram) with my sister who goes to school to learn about beer (another story for another time).

I love to write, am growing a new-found love for coffee, take photos here and there, adore the adventure and highs and lows of travelling and run social media for a living. There’s a lot more to me than that, but we can talk about that when we meet and chat in person. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention, I love talking to people.

I mean, I love talking in general (and you’ll find enough verbal-diarrhea sentences in these blog posts to go around), but I want to hear your story.

That’s what this all comes back to. Telling a story. My story. Your story.

Now, I tell you about myself because I believe it’s my calling to tell my story. God called me to write, to be a communicator, and love people through words, art and being creative. That’s why I know this matters. That’s how I know you and your story matter.

A brief tangent (you’ll get lots of those here, but I promise they’re fun and meaningful): three years ago I went through a horrible and depressing breakup. It sucked the living daylights out of me and without going into the depths of what happened, I felt a need for a community. A place where people had walked what I was walking and could talk to me about it. I eventually found that place and I felt saved by not only God but by people who genuinely cared about me and the direction of my heart. They too had been through breakups, and had just as big, if not bigger scars than I did to line up with mine and say “hey friend, look at my scars. look, I’m still here.” They told me their story and listened patiently to mine. It meant the world and changed my life.

I pondered for a really long time (and I mean a long time in the internet-world…say six months) about whether or not anyone would even want to read my writing. It was an event a few weeks ago that a new-found friend called me out. She said, “If that’s what God wants you to do, what does it even matter what anyone else thinks?”

So I continue.

I will continue to write, share my story, the ongoings of what Papa God is teaching me, and see what new and (hopefully) exciting things He stirs up. As I have always said, it’s a journey and it’s a process. In my case, it’s a spiritual formation process. It might be the same for you, it might not, but along the way we’ll walk it together.

Oh, and don’t forget. I want to hear your story too. While this is my blog and space to share my ideas, I want it to be a safe space for you too. Have something that’s burning on your heart that you want a platform to share it on? This is that space. Have a crazy-beautiful piece of artwork that the world needs to see? Let’s get that sucker up on the internet.

The world is already over-saturated with a butt-load of gross, dumb and pointless content and I’m here to redeem that. It’s about time we created a space for us to know that we are worthy. Like we matter. Like we can come as we are, brokenness, stories, hurts, triumphs, and everything in between.

Here you are. Here you are worthy. He calls you worthy.



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