still talking about love.

Valentine’s Day is over, but we’re still hung up on this thing called love.

I (Katie) love love. I’m a true romantic, that’s why you’ll see this as a theme time and time again (love God, love your neighbour, love your parents, etc.) on my social feeds and probably on worthy. Love is the heartbeat (no pun intended) of society, or the Kingdom here on earth as God meant for it to be.

Ironically, society would tell me I’ve never actually experienced love though. By it’s standards. I’ve only dated one person, and that was only for a handful of months. And so my heart breaks not for myself, but for others who know this narrative all too well. If you don’t have the guy, the girl, the experience, the material things, then somehow you don’t have love.

Love has been made out to be something that looks good on a camera and because we spend a lot of our times on screens, we end up with a distorted image of what love should look like.

And your love for your husband or wife may look different than my love for my future spouse, but we get caught up in comparing ourselves to what we see. It’s only human.

So I’m here to change our perception of love, and to remind you of your worth. You bring something to the table, and in this season of singleness, I can’t help but feel set apart for a really good reason. Like the Lord is stirring something really exciting in my heart, and in my future husband’s heart, and it’ll be a sweet thing once we do meet.

On that note, this morning on our live chat (we go live every 9am over on our instagram) I had the chance to share about what is means to be a blessing, which I believe firmly ties into this idea of love and re-imagining the things we thought before. It’s like a sisterhood, or brotherhood, where one idea is tied together to the other so firmly that not a whole can shake it apart.

While we’re single, we get to learn how to love ourselves. What a scary, nerve-racking, beautiful thing. We get to learn what it looks like to be self-aware of who God made us to be, and then function out of that knowledge. Loving ourselves comes back to knowing our worth, and knowing that we carry value. We are a blessing to others.

I’ll be REALLY honest with you and say that it’s gonna take some time for this idea to settle in. When I’ve lived 23 years of my life functioning out of a place of “hmm, I wonder if I’m good enough”, then it’s obvious that a sudden heart change is going to take some time to get used to. But I’m pumped because it means I get to approach every situation now knowing that I bring SOMETHING to the table. It could be something big (maybe in the case of being creative) or small (perhaps in the things that I’m actually not super great at), but regardless I do have something to give.

Think about that today and as you go about your week. Maybe even make a list. Write down all the things you’re good at. It’s not conceit, it’s honesty and honouring to who God made you to be. When you write those things down, you’re saying “hey God, I see how you’ve formed me!” I’m not sure about you, but it makes me feel empowered, like I am fully capable of confidently walking through this life with God.

I’d love to know what those things are that you are good at. Comment them below or send this to a friend to remind them that they bring something to the table.