so you want to go to korea?

Happy Family Day! 


I hope that you find time to spend with people that you love today, and if that isn't possible, to spend it in reflection of those around you. You are LOVED my friend.


Today I head out to Korea! In fact, I'm actually sitting in the waiting area awaiting my 11:35am boarding time and 12:20pm departure. This is so crazy. If you want to know the full story, head to my blog post HERE from November to read how this all came to be. God works in some amazing ways let me tell you! 


That's all for now - if you want to follow along, give me a follow on instagram and check out my insta-stories. I promise to keep it humourous, light-hearted and interesting, and might even throw in a few live feeds. Hopefully you'll watch along with me! SK is 17 hours ahead, so odds are that when it's my day time it will be your night, but that is more than okay. 


If you want to know more about what exactly I'll be doing in Korea, here are some awesome sites with awesome info:


The event itself, the VoIP Defender World Juniors - basically everyone curling is under 21. It's also a test event for the Olympics next year - this is the arena quite a few of the events will be held in! Check it out here: 


Then, my program is called the WCF Media Trainee Program. Basically, I am a junior reporter! I get to interview, write, and do a host of other things when it comes to the competition. Read up on my program here:


And, last but not least, follow along on the event LIVE here: . Gameplay starts on Thursday. 


Thanks so much for following along on this CRAZY and AWESOME journey with me friends. I appreciate the love and support and can't wait to tell you all about it during and afterwards. If you really want to know more, let's grab tea. :)