seeing God's creativity.

Happy April! Spring is in full swing and we are more than half way through the Easter season of Lent. I love this season because I get to spend some really quality time before Jesus. This time is intentional and beautiful.

I returned home from Chicago on Sunday after a weekend with a sweet organization that I am part of, that sends Christian university students to Israel. It was a wonderful weekend, and on the plane ride home I peeked out the window to see this:

Sky with clouds

I’m sure many of you have flown before and are no strangers to airports. Even though I’ve now flown dozens of times in my life, I still am awestruck by both airports and the idea of flying. I know there’s physics involved, but when I’m thousands of feet above the earth, it’s still hard for me to wrap my head around! Then, I love grabbing a window seat and looking out the window at the clouds.

If ANYTHING speaks of creativity, I know this is it. I see God’s creativity in the clouds, in the skies and in the earth below. It gives me shivers, and sometimes I cry (yes, I cry when I see beautiful things in nature) and I get overwhelmed that He would give us THIS. I mean, just look at those clouds!

If you aren’t familiar with the creation story, it starts in the very first book of the bible called Genesis. The word Genesis is Greek for “origin” so it makes a whole lot of sense that the first pages we read through are filled to the brim with God starting all things.

In the beginning He creates heaven and earth. Then, light, day and night. Then, water and earth and plants and the sunshine and the stars, and creatures of all sorts, animals, bugs, you name it. Then He made man.

After every section of Genesis, the reader reads the line “and it was good”. I love that. That what He made was good. That we are good as humans. That the earth around us is good. We just don’t talk about that enough, that this is a good place we get to live in, despite what often feels like a crumbling world around us.

For a moment, imagine God thinking up all of the names, the forms, the colours, of all of these things He created. To Him it was an act of love, to us, it was an act of creativity. By our human standard God is the MOST creative being. Just look around you at creation, does it get any more creative than this?

So God sets the perfect example of creativity, and it speaks a lot to the idea that creative people and ideas are not limited to a paintbrush or canvas. Your canvas can be anything - speaking to people, fixing a car, singing, travelling, you name it. God made us creative from the beginning because the process of making us was one that required ingenuity. You don’t look like a carbon copy of your brothers and sisters because we have a creative Father who crafted us to be unique.

So I encourage you to continue thinking about the ways that you are a creative human this week. Here are some prompts to think about as you go to and fro, from school to work and everything in between.

  1. What colours do I see? What do these colours remind me of?

  2. Stop and take note of the detail of a nearby plant. Walk up really close and see the veins, the colours, the intricate design.

  3. Cut some flowers and place them on your kitchen table. Watch how they interact with the sunshine, grow and eventually wilt over the week.

  4. Go for a hike. Turn your phone off. Take some deep breaths.

  5. Answer a question with words you don’t normally use. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but pause and think of a better way to answer.

That’s all for today.


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