remember & anticipate.

Happy Monday morning! It's the start of a fresh week.


This might possibly be the most stressful week out of the entire year, as finals (both papers, assignments and exams) are approaching. It dawned on me yesterday afternoon as I had a slight panic attack studying in a nearby coffee shop. 

"What if I fail this exam?" Well, then, you'll just have to settle with a bad grade.


"What if my bad grades aren't good enough?" Well, let's remind ourselves kindly that nothing that we do or say defines who we are before Christ. If I get a C- or even an F in this class, I am still His.


Through this busyness, whether you're in school or not, I was reminded to continue to centre myself around God. It's as if I automatically shifted school work and life in general into first place in my life, with God shifting back into the background as second place, "if I have time" sort of thing. Nuh-uh. Not happening.


If you haven't watched this video yet, give it a watch: 

Like I said, you might not be IN school or preparing for exams right now, or even in life, this is 100% applicable.


Moving on from this video, we celebrated yesterday as the first day of Advent!


What is Advent? Like many terms in my Christian faith, I didn't actually know what Advent was until last Christmas. Then, it wasn't until I opened up my devotional to begin the first day of Advent that I accepted a clearer understanding of what it even is.


Advent, as defined by She Reads Truth is:

“a Latin word that means ‘coming.’ “

Well of course! We celebrate the coming of our King. The book goes on to expand on this idea though, in two ways I never really thought about the Christmas season before:



During Advent, we remember when our Saviour stepped out of eternity into time to take on flesh. He came to live among us and offer His life for us, dying for our sins and rising from the grave. At Christmas, we don’t just celebrate that He came; we celebrate why He came.


We also anticipate Christ’s promised return. After Jesus finished the work He had come to do, He promised He would return to establish His kingdom for all eternity. Celebrating Christmas is an act of worshiping the living Saviour who will come again to make all things new.


I have NEVER thought of the Christmas season as a time of worship. I mean, yes, I go to church and "worship" God but never have I thought that an entire season could be a time when He is asking me to direct my eyes to Him in remembrance and anticipation of His life and coming. This absolutely blew me away. We remember by going over Jesus' journey on earth, His sacrifice and His love for us. We read about the ways he loved others, and the ways that we too can love others and have grace for one another. This idea of anticipation though, it makes me uncomfortable in the best type of way.


We ANTICIPATE our King! We anticipate this moment when, the start of all salvation came to earth to begin something beautiful, and then we can look to His death and sacrifice for us as the marking of the beginning of our anticipation. It actually blows my mind.


So, would you anticipate with me? I think it's easy to remember, after all, Christmas for a lot of us is going to church and seeing a manger display with Mary and Joseph. It's easy to remember the event, the idea, the person. It's harder to anticipate because it requires faith in something that we both neither heard nor saw. 


And, if you haven't heard this song yet, take a listen. 

If anything, I bid that you take time and reflect on this season that you're in, whether your remembering or anticipating your own life. 


with love,



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