prairie hospitality.

Good Monday afternoon my dear friends!


It's one week until the best day of the year! Can you believe it??


I'm sitting here in the Saskatoon Diefenbaker airport, waiting for my ride home to Kelowna via Calgary. I will admit, I was pretty mad when my flight got cancelled about an hour ago, but after some time to cool off, I've realized this is a great time to spend by myself. It seems as though this moment was crafted for right now, right here, in this tiny (yet beautiful) airport in Saskatoon. With that being said, the past week has been one of tremendous love, celebration and hospitality.


On Monday, I turned 22. After blasting Taylor Swift's traditional "22" song, I woke up to breakfast from a dear friend, a crisp morning walk, a great (albeit short) speed workout on the track and the best dinner I've ever had with my sister at a trendy restaurant in Vancouver. We both LOVE beef, chicken, fish, (all things meat) so it was quite hilarious that we ended up at the Acorn on Main Street in Vancouver...a vegan restaurant. At one point, we got into the nutritional facts about consuming a strict veggie diet and I proclaimed "IT DOESN'T WORK!" and then realized where I was...most likely surrounded by non-meat eaters. We toned it down after that. 


Last year, I wrote a post about all the crazy and adventurous things I wanted to do in the next year. I wanted to pick out a few that I felt as though God taught me a lot through. 


The first is technology. I wrote, "I am pretty sure my iPhone runs my life." It did and in the summer I made the decision to move my phone out of my room. It was always my alarm clock, and at one point I was so terrified that if I removed my phone from my room, that I wouldn't be able to wake up. I invested in a real alarm clock (okok it's digital :P) and after a few close calls, I got into the habit of waking up on time, despite hitting the snooze button close to four times each morning.


Now, many of you might be thinking, "What's the big deal? I have a normal alarm's not that hard!". Friends, it was hard. Something about having your phone in your room means security. It's funny, because if something important did happen, I would be asleep! It's this "fear of missing out" thing...which is just stupid because how can I be present in something if I'm sleeping while it's happening? It logically makes zero sense. 


With that being said, I encourage you to try it! If you've already done it, or never had your phone in your room, 10 points to you! I commend you, but if you are attached to it at the hip, try weaning yourself off that one simple thing. Plug it in in your kitchen, beside your couch, somewhere that isn't automatic for you. I found that I was spending hours (yes, hours) of my night scrolling through Instagram, when I could be in the Word or even just praying and being quiet before the Lord. I think He would much prefer the latter. :)


The second thing on my "future" list from last year's post was family. I wrote, "I crave nothing more than to spend time with them." That was most certainly fulfilled this year, despite me not being home since the August long weekend (longest time I've ever been away from Kelowna!). Sarah moved in, so living with her has really been God's fulfillment of that prayer (which I am only realizing now as I write this!), my Mama bear and I got to go to LA together and God taught us patience through that, and God asked that I really rely on my dad this past semester for help with school and prayer. It's crazy how, even though I wasn't with them nearly as much these past four months, He made it that I needed to rely on them even more than before. I am thankful for that.


Back to my time now in Saskatoon, I experienced the most beautiful hospitality from the family we stayed with. They welcomed us into their home (a BEAUTIFUL prairie home), fed us, laughed with us, gave us the grand Saskatchewan experience, drove us EVERYWHERE, picked us up and dropped us off at the airport, and everything in between. My belly is full and my heart rests with thankfulness that this time was one with friends and family, but also one of rest. Despite going to bed at 1 a.m. every day, we had time to just "be". It was beautiful.


This got me thinking about the act of being hospitable. While I don't own my own house yet, nor do I have my own family, I have a desire one day to mimic the hospitality we experienced here in Sask. While it might be difficult and inconvenient by many means, I love the act of laying down your time and efforts for someone else. It does not go unnoticed that when my dear friend here in Sask drove us somewhere, or fed us, it felt good. It was appreciated and we felt loved.


At this time of year, how can we be good stewards of hospitality? I believe that extends beyond welcoming and hosting someone in your home. It means talking to someone in a store, and extending a hand of kindness. It means doing the dishes when you aren't asked to, cleaning up, holding groceries, being patient when your sister wants to go shopping, holding a door. Gosh, there are so many ways we can be hospitable out of love, simply through our actions. 


I am thankful for this time of rest, which is much needed. I pray that you find some sort of quiet time in the next few weeks to reflect on the goodness that you experienced this year. 


Without further ado, some photos from our time in Sask. Because, of course photos!

Only 7 days left my friends! More to come this week :)


With love,


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