Korea? What?


Let me explain.


At the end of September, I was perusing Facebook. This happens often. I stumbled across a post in one of the groups that I am a part of. It had the words "curling" and "internship" and "international" in it. I clicked on it.


I came to a webpage that described an internship position, offered both this November as well as next February, where students from across the world are selected to become junior reporters alongside the World Curling Federation. I scrolled through the site, figured out what was needed to apply, and started my application.


To be honest, a few things scared me about applying. For starters, I have no experience in curling. I think maybe once in grade 12 my class went to the rink and we attempted to curl. That's it though. How would my application compare if I didn't know the basics of the sport? So I studied up. Turns out curling is actually pretty amazing. Truth be told, I watched the gold medal match from the Sochi olympics...by the end of the short clip I looked up from my computer to make sure nobody was watching because I was crying! I had just bawled my eyes out watching a 3.5 minute recap of a curling match. What.


There was a sort of raw emotion in the film that I can't really describe. Maybe you've experienced it yourself, whether or not that is while you were playing in sports. It's below. Maybe you'll cry, I don't know. I think it also had to do with the fact that Canada won. It just made me proud. 

After that, I finished my application and sent it off the day before it was due. The application process itself was straightforward: your basic information, 500 words on your sports hero and their most important event, as well as 6 questions for teams in a curling event. I sent it off and proceeded with the night.


Two days later, I got an email from the Director of Communications based in Scotland. I had been short-listed. Whhhattttt?! That blew my mind. I jumped up and down in my office!


Then I waited another week.


One afternoon at work, I came back to my desk to a missed call. It was an international number, so I tried calling back. Turns out I don't have international calling (who knew, right?!). I googled what the area code was and it turns out it was Scotland. My heart started to beat faster.


An hour later I received an email from the Director once again, saying that he had important news to share with me. I prepared myself for the worst...that's what they all say to do, right? I emailed him back, but there was no response. Now, this was at 1pm in the afternoon. I waited until 1pm the next day to answer the same call from the same man.



I was chosen for the internship. I started to cry and texted my friend. WHAT?! In that moment, everything that God had assured me of during the summer was coming true. He had reminded me that He would take care of me...this was a part of that. 


Fast forward to today, and I am extremely excited to say that I will be going to Korea in February of 2017! I am EXTREMELY humbled by this experience and cannot wait to travel, report, and just spend time doing what I love. In the same sense, I think this has also been part of God affirming my career direction. I came into this semester knowing what I love to do, but not really seeing how I could continue forward with it in any tangible sense. 


While I am there, I will a junior reporter, working alongside another student from the United Kingdom. He will be the junior photographer, and together we make up the young reporters team for the World Junior Curling Federation in Pyeongchang. I will have the chance to do everything from conducting interviews, to taking flash quotes, writing feature stories (yes, my fav!) and a little bit more. I hope that I can take some photos while I am there too. 


Stepping back and looking at this experience from a bird's eye view, I am so thankful. I don't know what prompted the committee to review my essay and say, "yes, we like her" and "yes, we think she would be a good fit". Only they know the reasons and only God knows the prompts of their own hearts to select me. 


I am nervous but excited. I have never travelled before, or at least over seas. I also never considered going to Asia before, but the more I look into it, the more thrilled I am to get to experience their culture. 


In the end, I don't mean to post this to boast. That is the LAST thing I would ever imagine doing. As a follower or reader of my blog, I believe that you are a part of my story, a supporter and a contributor to this beautiful thing called life. I boast in the Lord solely in this, that He was the one who directed my eyes to the link, and the hearts of the committee in discerning who they wanted.


Thanks for reading about this exciting news and being a part of this journey. I appreciate you!


Leaving you with one of my favourite songs right now.

with love,





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