I've reached my capacity!

For the longest time I thought I had already written on this subject, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the depths of the blog. So, here we are, sitting in a coffee shop (that seems to be the trend these months), writing on capacity and work in different seasons.

Here on worthy, we took to writing about seasons and it brought up a lot of questions about resting and working and what it looks like to honour God with what you’ve been given. Now that we’re half way through the lenten season, we love the idea of resting before Easter and before God, but we also know that this time of year can feel like the prequel to a busy summer.

When I think about rest I get excited. Then, I feel like I’m being lazy. I live in a basement suite and if I imagine rest acted out, I think of binge watching Downton Abbey (again) or having a nap. Things are dark and get quite lonely quite quickly. Is this what rest actually is? I don’t think so, but regardless, I get excited about stopping my work day and just lying down on the couch or even going for a run. I like the idea that I’m not attached to what I’m doing and I don’t have to think about it.

A few months ago someone (who I can’t remember!) brought up the idea that we have a capacity as humans. A dear friend Dayna Slusar wrote a really great piece on this idea here, but from our end, we love the idea that we have a capacity.

What is capacity by definition? It’s the max amount of whatever we can do in our lives. Think about a runner. Their capacity is what they can do before they pass out. Or a weightlifter’s capacity is the max amount they can lift before they physically cannot lift anything more.

While I don’t think our spiritual lives have a capacity because we are created to be in relationship with God, our physical lives do. It’s because we’re human! If we didn’t have a capacity, then we’d be pretty similar to God, and that just doesn’t make any sense since we can’t be God!

Anyways, I love the idea that we have different capacities in different seasons. Certain things need our attention more or require more energy than other times. Maybe it comes with age (I feel this a lot!) - what I feel I could do tenfold in highschool takes me a whole week to accomplish. Lots more on my mind though, a lot more to be concerned with and life looks different and it’s beautiful!

We have a capacity so that we can honour God, both in pushing the boundaries of that capacity but also respecting that boundary in a healthy way. I hope that makes sense, that there are two sides to this equation. On one hand, we can rely on God to help us push the boundaries of what we’re physically capable of. This is what I love about sports (as a side tangent ha), that we can push our bodies further than what the world tells us is physically capable. At the same time, there comes a point of unhealthy boundary-pushing. It’s almost like addiction. We’re so busy, we’re so stressed that we don’t rely on God’s capacity instead of our own. His capacity is endless, ours is simply not.

And, instead of just trying to find “balance”, which would probably feel like a lifelong struggle (I know I feel this way!), I want to encourage you to lean into the seasons of pushing and pulling. Some might feel like you’re running a hundred miles a minute, and others might feel like you’re a blob and a couch potato. Ask God what He wants from you in this day, and start there. While I don’t encourage you by any means to be a couch potato (just not effective life-living or God-honouring), I do know for a fact that some of you need to slow down, myself included.