hey you, 2017.

Happy New Year my friends! 2016 flew by so quickly...I am sure you can attest to that yourself! I swear as I get older each year goes by faster. What’s up with that eh?


I wanted to count down 10 moments of this year. Some people are doing 9 (one too few), others 19 (woah, too many peeps). I wanted to reflect on 10 of the most meaningful moments of this past year. Some of them were just silent moments, some of them really insignificant really in the sense that they happened all the time. Others were grand. So, here we go. Also, they aren’t in any particular order because I actually can’t order them. There are also SO many more I am sure I could add, but we will stick with these guys.


10. August long weekend camping when I got to know two of my best friends even more! Crazy hilarious adventures, kayaking, dancing, star gazing, so much goodness in one weekend. 

9. The track season. Although it was short, it taught me what I am capable of when it comes to competing. I can't wait to get back this summer and start competing again.

12525215_10153998784705864_6289804167297511449_o (1).jpg

8. That time I sang Oh Canada in front of Parliament at the end of the summer. Oh my heart! In that moment I felt so proud to be Canadian.

7. Restful time spent at Whytecliffe Park in West Van. 


6. This blog! I am SO thankful to God for creating an image in my head, and for giving me the courage to begin something that I had little to no direction in. I can't wait to see what great things 2017 holds for this space.


5. My family at the LLC - spending time laughing, praying, dancing (usually dancing), baking, crying, tickling, learning, studying and just being with. 

4. Time spent in Vancouver, Kits, Jericho, West Van - Vancity you have won my heart!

3. That time I had an organ removed. No more gallbladder for me!

2. Adventures and quality time with my dear mom. We had honestly never been that close up until around a year and a half ago. I consider her my best friend and love the time God has given us to grow closer together and also to Him. I love seeing her heart for Jesus expand. Here's to LA 2017!

1. Working for the city, being okay with wearing orange overalls to work everyday, and getting very very dirty.

0. (okay I did 11, oops). Long drives to spend time with Jesus - with friends, alone, driving new friends, singing, dancing, taking pictures, entertaining, praying, revelling, and of course, annoying friends with my apparently slow music.


This new year is different than any other one I have ever experienced. For the first time in my life, I have am having a REALLY hard time letting go of 2016, I think because it was so wonderful. Some part of me was convinced that as soon as the clock turned midnight, I was basically gonna turn Cinderella and everything good and awesome from God would come crumbling to an end. I am confused because I don’t really know where or how that idea came into my head. I think I have an idea though.


After spending a lot of time on media these past few weeks, I have felt a lot of pressure to have a lot together by the time midnight strikes. Every post here and there suggests that we come into 2017 "fully prepared" and ready for a new season. Have you felt that way too? Or, maybe it's just me. I feel like a mouse scurrying around saying, “huh, huh, huh?! what’s my news years resolution, I don’t know, what yours, what are your goals, why don’t you have goals, where are your goals Katie!?!? why don’t you have your word of the year yet, Goooooddddd WHERE ARE YOU!?”. Man, I have had a freak-out or two over the past week. My mom can attest to that. I don’t know why, but I felt a LOT of pressure to have my “stuff” together as January 1st hit. Like, why did I not have a 12 page essay written on how 2016 changed my life? I don’t know…because I felt like binge watching Hairspray Live instead of planning? I honestly don’t know. So here I am, FREAKING OUT, because apparently I have no resolutions. Add on top of that the 500 couples that got engaged/married/started dating over the past month and BOOM apparently I have to do that too. All of a sudden, 2017 became really really scary. Like somehow I was dipping my toes into the waters of 2017, and I couldn't see the bottom of the pool. Maybe I'm not supposed to though... 


Today was a bit of a slap in the face. Me, scurrying around in my mind, thinking that I have to have everything together and God saying, “calm your jets Katie. I’ve got this”. Mhmm, He sure does. 


Simply put, God just said, “slooooow down!”. Actually, slow down. Let’s all do that! It’s weird because I think a lot of the time the beginning of the year is a go-getting kind of time, where we have so many dreams and goals and ambitions. Those are all fine and dandy, but what if we don’t know how to navigate them? 


I don’t have resolutions…yet. They will come, eventually. For some reason I thought there was a “never going back to 2016”, and technically speaking there isn’t. But what IS cool is that the God of 2016 is still the God of 2017. He never changes. So we can rest in that. The God that moved in our lives in 2016, whether we recognize it or not, is the same God that we can anticipate moving in 2017. How neat is that?


Thanks for being a part of the blog for 2016 friend. I appreciate you and hope that you’ll stick with me through this next year of God moving and shaking.