what's the deal with #fridayfeelings?

Happy Friday Worthy readers!

We wanted to hop on here to share a bit about our latest post initiative, #fridayfeelings. Every Friday over on our Instagram, we ask a question using the Q&A feature and share the answers anonymously with you on Saturday mornings. The Instagram function notifies someone when we’ve shared their answer, but doesn’t reveal who the person who wrote it is! Cool, eh?

So far the response has been out of this world. The first week we had at least 20 responses and every week since it’s grown. We’ve asked questions like, “why is it so dang hard to be vulnerable these days?” and “what comes to mind when you hear the word love?”, “how/why do people grow to be apathetic?” and “what are some of the biggest benefits of community?”

Today we asked where you’re dreaming of travelling to and what the reason behind it is. That word dreaming is key here folks. I (Katie) am a HUGE dreamer. To the point where many of my dreams (both night-dreams and day-dreams) just don’t come true on the pure basis that they’re super unrealistic. In my third year of university I dreamed of opening up a part-time surf/part-time snowboard discipleship camp where we travel with a crew of people for three weeks each March to Hawaii and then to Whistler to teach and learn about God.

I don’t surf. Or snowboard. Nor have I ever been to Hawaii or Whistler.

But you get my point.

And so coming full circle, these questions are meant to encourage you to think and to dream. Some weeks they’ll be fun (like this week, talking about travel!) and others it will be a bit more serious. This also goes hand in hand with becoming informed citizens, and engaged followers of Christ. It’s one simple way to ask you to think about the world around you. I also think more times than not, if we verbalize (and in this case, tell someone else) our dreams, they come that much closer to reality - and believe me, your dreams aren’t as far off as you think!

So that’s all there is to it. If you have a question you’d like to see asked on a Friday morning, comment it below!

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