SLO (student leadership orientation) week has come to an end here on campus and I can honestly say that I feel rested, despite not having enough sleep. My team came together for the first time (although we are still waiting on a few members) this week and they blew me out of the water in everything from writing content to organizing our office to being keen to sit through God-filled sessions. My heart is SO full this week, despite everything I feel going into the year.

Tonight we had our "leader commissioning". It was a powerful hour where God's presence filled the room and I found myself overwhelmed by His heart and love for us. We had the opportunity to confess our brokenness to our Father and in that moment I felt so much love, despite what I had just spoken out.

This isn't a post tonight, but rather a gallery. A bit ago, my dear friend Sophie and I headed to Locarno beach in Kits to rest together, talk about the summer and end a chapter and begin afresh. The lighting was STUNNING, and it reminded me of one of the reasons I truthfully just love Vancouver - how gorgeous is His hand, His majesty, His creation? SO stinkin' beautiful! The golden hour played so perfectly to our advantage and God gave us such a precious moment to share with each other before we prayed over the year together. 


I love my Soph so much as well. This September, we will have been friends for 2 years and I am extremely thankful for the wild seasons God has brought us through together.


Coming into these final days before my fifth and final year starts, God has promised me rest. He promised that this year would be good, and that He is still good, always good. I am thankful for this week of getting to know people, and am confident in the ways He will move. It's time for a revival.

- katie