created to create.


When we are children, creativity comes naturally to us all. When you give a group a children paint and a paintbrush, it is rare that you will hear one of them protest and explain that they “just aren’t creative”. As we get older, many lose this sense of adventure when it comes to creativity. Upon the realization that other people might be better than us at painting or that our drawings don’t resemble real life, we give up. We deem that we simply aren’t creative.

This belief saddens me. There have been times in my life in which I have doubted my own creativity, yet God has shown me that we have all been created to create. He has done this through books, His own creation and His character.

Feeling inadequate against the mainstream idea of creativity is something I know a lot of people struggle with. It makes sense. Much like beauty, we have a societal norm of what we define as art or creativity. I would like to challenge that. Creativity is not about meeting a standard, or being “good enough”. It is not limited to painting, drawing or poetry. Creativity is unique to who you are.


Here are some ideas to cultivate creativity in your own life:

  1. Try something new that pushes you out of your comfort zone

  2. Make space for creativity throughout your week

  3. Go thrifting

  4. Seek beauty in your everyday moments

  5. Cook a meal. Check a cookbook out of the library and try a new recipe

  6. Put together your best outfit

  7. Design a space that makes you happy. Maybe this is a garden, a music corner, or just the wall above your bed.

  8. Journal about the last time you felt creative (or if you ever have). You may have to go way back in your memories to elementary school art class.

  9. Make a playlist based on a specific memory or theme.

  10. Go to a greenhouse and spend some time searching for the perfect houseplant

  11. If money is holding you back from buying art supplies--go to the dollar store! You can easily find a variety of supplies for less than $3

  12. Do one of the projects you have on your Pinterest board but have never tried

  13. Learn a makeup or hair tutorial on Youtube

  14. Write a love letter reminding someone why they are important to you

  15. Take a photo of something you see everyday but never stop to enjoy

  16. Go through old photos and make a collection of ones that bring back good memories

  17. Use social media as a space to showcase your interests, talents and passions.

  18. Host a themed movie night

  19. Write a letter to your future self

  20. Invite others to do something creative with you. I find when we use community and creativity together, it can be really powerful


I hope these ideas inspire you to pursue creativity today.

xo Victoria

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