chicago for a weekend.

60 hours to be precise.

I had the immense privilege of travelling to Chicago on the first weekend of April to attend a conference with a group called Passages. If you’ve read through some of my Israel content, you’ll see their name pop up a time or two, and that’s because it’s the wonderful organization I had the chance to travel to the Middle East with last May. I’m excited to go back this summer in July, and this conference served as a kickstarter for that process.

You photographers out there - ever have the dilemma of not having enough room to bring your camera on a trip? Or it’s too heavy to lug around? What miniscule problems these are, but I opted to NOT bring my DSLR and while I was sad, I also came away rather happy because a. I wouldn’t have had any time to take any photos and b. I was lugging my stuff around with me anyways. My back can only handle so much.

The conference was a whirlwind, but in the best way possible. I met AMAZING people who are passionate about Israel and many other important things that we find ourselves facing each and every day. My two roommates, one from Atlanta, the other from San Diego, were immensely sweet and we felt like after just 48 hours of knowing each other, we could have a real and candid conversation about meaningful things in life. Not just surface level, which is a BREATHE of fresh air. What a gift.

So, to keep this short (unlike typical Katie fashion), here are some photos from the weekend. Thank you Passages and thank you to the wonderful people I met for leaving me feeling encouraged and inspired, and to know that the Middle East and Israel are forever part of my story.


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