celebrating the fear of God.

Happy Tuesday!

Last week a dear friend invited me to attend a young adult’s gathering at a local church. My response was “no”.

Well, actually, my response read like this:

I don’t think I fit in with that crowd.

I later got to chat with her about it, and made the decision to attend. After all, I had the night off from work. What could I lose? The evening ended up being WONDERFUL and I got to sing and praise Jesus with people that I knew and complete strangers. I was reminded of just how much I love the voice of a church congregation singing together. It gives me shivers and I’m reminded of just how near the Holy Spirit is.

Long story in short words: I ALMOST DIDN’T GO.

I almost missed out on the Lord speaking to me, spending time with my Father, and being around people who are also trying to learn how to love Jesus with their whole hearts. I was encouraged, and hope filled my heart and at the end of the day I was very glad I went. This collection of moments became a very real example of how the enemy is trying, day in and day out to keep us from the Lord. I had fears in my head and heart that I wouldn’t be accepted in the church, or that people would look at me and notice how I hadn’t showered for three days. It was a very real thing, let me tell you! Looking back it feels kind of insignificant and petty, but when you’re focused on your fears like that, they tend to block out anything else.

During the sermon, the pastor mentioned two things that I had the chance to elaborate on a bit more during our 9am live this week. The first was about the Lord wooing us and allowing ourselves to bask in the love of the Father. The second was about Proverbs 31, where the writer speaks about the fear of the Lord being something worthy of praise. Read it here if you want to see the full verse.

They brought the verse into a greater context and talked about praising people beyond their worldly capabilities and focusing on just how much they fear the Lord. I LOVE THAT. So much.

Imagine if we started looking and thinking about our friends in the way that they love Jesus. I feel like you just can’t go wrong with this. For example, if I think about a friend who is really good at painting, and then I start to think about her ONLY by the way that she paints and her character based off of her worldly ability, then I’m missing who God MADE HER to be. Yes, God gifted her with the talent and ability to paint, but that’s not WHO she is.

So, let’s celebrate others for WHO God made them to be! Short and simple.


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