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Hey family!


It's almost bed time here in Korea, but I hope you are having a splendid day so far. I'm getting pretty giddy because Lent starts soon, and that's an awesome thing.


A lot is different - for starts I can't read about 95% of the signage...to be expected :P. There is not a single Starbucks or McDonalds for MILES (a good thing I think?) and I don't understand any of the language. A lot is the same though - Korea is really really clean, people are immensely polite and I feel really welcomed. 


I wanted to share some photos and a quick recap of what I'm up to here! If you saw my post on the 13th, you'll see some links to what I am up to! Basically, I am a reporter! My days start at around 7am for breakfast and we come back to the hotel just after 11pm. I am praying God for guidance and clarification because if I am really supposed to be a sports reporter, then I've got to be ready for hard work and late nights. So far, it's been so worth it.


I've written one feature so far, working on my second. You can read the first one HERE. I also interview around 10 athletes per day in what we call the "mix zone". This is an area that we have permission to talk to the athletes in, almost like a red carpet idea that they must walk through before they can go back to their team rooms. Interviewing is crazy - I've done a little bit of this but never to this extent. I just have to remind myself to lay it all on the line and be genuine - these are people my age after all and for some of them it's their first time at a major championship. 


We record our interviews, transcribe them, help out teams USA, Canada and Scotland by sending their Directors our audio clips or transcribed interviews for them to use on their sites. I have also started another feature on WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency and their program called #CurlClean. You wouldn't think that it would be necessary to talk to curlers about doping but in it's quite a reality in the international sporting world. It's a big and important deal, so I get to cover that!


Check out some photos below - Tom, my fellow trainee, and I had the chance to wander around Gangneung the other night. There aren't too many shops, but a few here and there...mainly restaurants.


PS - You will laugh at me, but I FRIED my hair straightener trying to plug it in...silly Katie didn't realize she needed a CONVERTER and not just an ADAPTER. I heard a large POP noise, smelled a fried something or other and realized that I wasn't going to have straight hair at any point over the trip. Oh well! It was going on 8 years anyways...talk about #bangforyourbuck 

That's all for the next few days. Thanks for reading and following along friends. 



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