a King.

Merry Christmas! Wow, another year has come and gone and today we get to celebrate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ!


I hope today you are able to spend time with family and friends, and if not, just have time to rest and reflect on this season.


Last night my family and I attended our church Christmas Eve service. Within the first four minutes I was moved by the first song we sang, "Noel" from Chris Tomlin. It'll probably give you the feels as well, so give a listen:

I was reminded of a simple truth: His love, His providence and the way in which He moves is so powerful. He is the light of the world, given for us! In the words of Mark Clarke, "no other religion tells you that you are of such worth that God sacrifices to save you". Oh man, I truly love this day. Thank you Jesus!


In a more lighthearted way, my family and I came up with 10 reasons why today is awesome and important. Maybe you can get a hint of who suggested which reason. They are supposed to be in descending order of importance, but odds are we messed up a bit. 




10. This may seem a bit shallow, but let's be real, today there are NBA AND NFL games. Denver and Kansas City hit off at 530pm tonight. I really hope that you are spending time with your family instead of watching this, but if you are watching (no judgement, you do your thing) then cheer for Denver (we have a black horse in the family *cough cough Sarah*, and so we find ourselves cheering for our Colorado team...sometimes). 

Poor Steph Curry of the San Francisco Golden State Warriors is playing a Christmas Day game today against the Cleveland Cavaliers. I joke when I say poor, because obviously he is not poor. 


You can find live game updates HERE.


9. Josh Garrels Christmas album, titled "Love Came Down" is FREE today! Download it HERE or find it on Spotify HERE. It's truly wonderful!


8. SNOW. 


7. Freedom and safety. To live in Canada is a gift in itself. You might find yourself abroad this season, but take some time to reflect on how safe we are and how cool it is that we get to live in a country that isn't torn by war and fighting.


6. Abundance. Okay, so I love getting gifts. I know you probably do too. But how much excess do we live in? It's funny, my family said "no gifts" this year...which I am sure you can relate at some point, but in the end we did buy each other gifts. We live in this crazy abundance of "stuff" and sure are blessed!


5. Good food. Even if you aren't a master chef, you have food on the table and good company to enjoy it with.


4. Traditions. I LOVE this and I LOVE hearing about everyone else's traditions. In our family, we sleep in, get up and make breakfast (this year it was egg's benedict!) then we open up stocking stuffer gifts. One person is assigned as Santa's "elf' (cheesy, I know, but it's tradition!) and hands out all of the gifts from under the tree. Then, we scratch our scratch-and-win tickets then get going on the rest of the day. What are your family traditions, I would love to hear about them in the comments below!


3. Company. Even if you aren't spending time with family this Christmas, you can rest assured that there are people in your life who care for you and adore you. 


2. Baby Jesus. Our King, came to us to bring us new life, to sacrifice His own life so that we could be free. There really isn't a better gift than that!


1. Love. In coming to earth as our King, He showed us true love. 



Lastly, I hope whether it is today or tomorrow or even in the next week, that you get time to spend with Jesus. Ask Him to reveal to you what He is doing in your life, and where He is leading you, especially headed into the New year.


With love,






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