whispers of sustainability.


Hey there! I hope you had a great day! August is almost over, summer is coming to a close, and most of us are getting ready for school (in some related way). My wish for you these next few weeks is that you can take some time out of your day to spend with God and reflect and notice the great things that He has been doing in your life. Maybe they are big things (did you move? did you go on a trip?) or maybe they are small things (new pens at work are always a bonus :P). I've noticed now that Mondays are not always the greatest (surprise!?)...so maybe a blog post can help cheer you up. Or just something to read on a hazy, overcast evening. August did go by in a breeze. Just yesterday I felt like it was July 31st, and now I am almost ready to head back to school! I move into my suite in Fort Langley on Saturday the 29th, and start school on the 9th. As Mars' Hill Sports Editor for this upcoming year, I have the great opportunity to partake in "SLO" week at my school, or Student Leadership Orientation week. This is a chance to get to know our own team as well as make connections with other leadership groups on campus and establish our goals and guidelines for the year. I am amped! If you are a TWU student (or not!), keep your eyes peeled for our first issue coming out in September - with the team we have this year I know that God will do great things through the newspaper. Sort of a weird thing to think about...how can God use me through my writing? But He does and I am praying that He will. :)

As you may have guessed, the main focus of this post is about the title. Now, what the heck are "whispers of sustainability". Have I gone all eco-friendly and started wearing vegan clothing in order to sustain the environment? Nope. Whispers of sustainability refer to the way that God constantly has our back, no matter where we are in our relationship or understanding of Him. This is something that I first learned about in my Religious Studies new testament class this past semester at Trinity. It is a truth that I never even considered to be true until I heard it.

So, as Christians we get amped about "highs", right? What is a "high"? A high can be that feeling you get when you leave bible camp and are stoked to read your bible every single day until you hit school again and forget that your bible even exists. It's the fuzzy feeling you get when you are involved in ministry and know that what you are doing is pleasing God, and you are consistent with your dedication. I have been on a lot of "highs"...too many to count. But, I would also say that the majority of my life has been a constant average of seeking connection with God and aiming to do stuff that is pleasing in His eyes. God does not appear in ghoulish ghosty form and say "Katie! Here I am! This is what you need to do next!" Nope. Never happened to me. Sometimes I wonder if the things I think are from God are just me and my conscience.

Now the truth I spoke about earlier is this: silence does not mean absence. Even in the times of drought (from the highs), God is moving and shifting and shaking up our lives. We think because we make a connection during worship or came back from our missions trip fully stoked on Jesus that He is working in our lives in that moment (this is true). What happens when those amped feelings go away? Or in other words, what about seeing and feeling God in every day life?

The two things that point me straight to explaining seeing God are these: people and the bible. God speaks to us through people in our lives (actions, series of events, etc.) and we know them to be true and know it to be Him working in our lives because of what is said in Scripture! In trying to further understand this, I checked out an online source, Newspring. To be honest, I am not 100% sure of it's accuracy, but the writer (whoever that may be) wrote something that clicked with me: "The core of the issue, then, is not that it can be difficult to see God, but it can be difficult to see people representing Him". This gets confusing, but listen! People are not always constant, but Scripture is. So look there and read it up. It's good stuff.

Now that we are sort of trying to understand how to see God talking to us...do we always like His whisper? Most of the time, following God is the hardest thing I have ever done. Scratch that - it IS the hardest thing I have ever done. Christianity is no walk in the park - and I am not trying to create a pity game! Finally I understand what God is trying to say and I turn my head and walk the other way. Or I see what He is calling me into, and say, God, I don't think I can do this...it's too hard. The challenge Jesus presents for us is to choose to listen to His voice when it may seem like the hardest thing in the entire world to do OR to ignore it and lean on our own understanding. Doubts can happen - we get crazy feelings about everything and we think, God, I thought this is what you wanted me to do!

With this comes patience - both for followers and people who are just understanding what faith could mean for them. Stuff doesn't just happen in an instance! Well, maybe for some cases, but the majority of the time it doesn't. We aren't patient people! I am not patient whatsoever (and I am horrible with secrets, FYI) and I want life to happen NOW - but at the same time I want to enjoy the beauty that is around me. Stop doubting, have a little faith and believe that our Father, who is a good Father, is here to do great things in our lives. The enemy wants to rob us of having joy and good faith and puts those nagging thought in our mind and the constant reminders of doubt.

You already know God's voice - it's the Scriptures that you read. Now listen. Jesus wants us to know more of Him that just His fire. Read up in 1 Kings 19:10-18. His whispers are louder than you think. :)

Thanks for reading today.