Hello my beautiful amigos! With a blog post long overdue, prepare for these various things: a. post season rant and reflection

b. a post about food. you heard me right.

c. TBA. haven't decided what I want to talk about. maybe something athletic.

You don't actually have to prepare. BUT I did want to let you know that some good stuff is on its way - tomorrow! My track and field season is finished, I have suddenly grown a keen interest in making food and I can update you on my plant status (current update: I somewhat forgot about my plants for a few weeks, so they are looking a wee bit weak...).

As well you can probably tell that I have made some minor (hehe) adjustments to my blog. If you go back to my first post, I talked about the possibility of that happening in the near future. Well the near future has arrived and I wanted to explore some options. It will continue to change, so don't be alarmed!

Speak soon. Or rather, write soon.


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