today is a special day.

Today is a very special day. A huge bundle of love is sent my mama's way. Someone asked me who my hero was a few weeks back, and the first person that came to mind was my mom. She is relentlessly providing for my family, and sacrifices her wants and needs for others. She is a stronghold, a beautiful woman and has given me so much to laugh about in life. She has raised my sister and I up to be strong women just like her and for that I am really thankful. She has a strong faith that is shown in times of struggle and has courage to face each day. I love you mama! Check out the first post, one of my favourite spoken word poems done at a TED conference by Sarah Kay. It's unreal. :)

The second media clip is another spoken word by Sarah Kay, this time with Phil Kaye (unrelated :P). I could post this video over and over again and never stop.

Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome moms and grandmas, omas and nanas and strong women across the world. May you feel cherished and loved today!