hello world!

Hello! This is my first post - on my new blog! Okay, that is self explanatory. You're here reading this because you want to read something interesting, or it's 2 AM and you were scrolling on Facebook and saw that I had shared this link. Either way, welcome. As you can see, the title is pretty basic. To be honest, I couldn't think of anything to put there, so all thoughts are welcome (shoot me a comment below). It may change, or it may not. You'll just have to wait and see. So, a blog. Why? Well I think a blog is the perfect place to share my thoughts, my opinions, maybe an attempt at a recipe or two (stay tuned!) and a place to just let the world know what I'm up to and thinking. I think everyone has a voice and we need a chance to be heard, even if only a few others will hear (or read) us. I am constantly thinking about crazy and insane things, and I know there are other people out there doing the same. Maybe we can share our crazy and insane thoughts! I also hope you can find encouragement in my words.

On top of writing and sharing and updating, I want to showcase some of my writing pieces! When I was in elementary and high school, I would deny that I loved writing. I hated the idea of it as well as the pain that would shoot up my wrist after an hours worth of work. But, in the end, I came to realize that writing is amazing. We can write about literally anything in the world, and words can change lives. Sometimes we can write something better than we can say it (or often vice versa). As I have gone through the trials of my university english and communications classes, I have begun to appreciate what writing can do and how it serves a purpose in my life. It connects us, and we will always need it. With that said, I will also be taking up the position of Sports Editor from TWU's Mars' Hill newspaper for the 2015-2016 season. I do have a passion for anything athletics related, and so you will see me try and marry my two loves together in the best way that I can. I'll put a link up to our website (location TBD) and you can see my writing pieces from a more athletic angle.

I hope you'll journey with me on this blog! Life is exciting but can be ultra challenging at the same time. I can't say that the past year has been easy, but God allows for growth in the weary times. If I ask for courage, He won't place it right in front of me, but He will allow me to go through the trials to grow and construct that courage for myself. He never fails us. I would like to say that I will aim to write each day, but I don't know what this blog holds. It's sort of like a tester, just getting my feet wet. I'm down for anything and I am going to put my best foot forward with this site! Please be patient with me as I aim to create something beautiful both in your eyes as well as the eyes of my Father.