so wonderfully human.

Your life could go a hundred different beautiful ways and every single thing that doesn’t turn out the way you expected, it’s a marker. It can be moved. There’s another way. Don’t let the concrete dry on your expectations.

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what did you expect?

We hold ourselves to what we do and expect that life is crafted around what we can accomplish. I do this every. single. day. My expectations come in the form of a checklist - things to do and check off a list and accomplish rather than what the heart of God has for me. Maybe some days He does want me to check things off a list because it fuels the fire for greater plans and bigger ambitions that please Him. But, we don’t serve a God of checklists.

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created to create.

When we are children, creativity comes naturally to us all. When you give a group a children paint and a paintbrush, it is rare that you will hear one of them protest and explain that they “just aren’t creative”. As we get older, many lose this sense of adventure when it comes to creativity.

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