always more.

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Hey! June has arrived and the summer is right around the corner. Thanks for coming to my blog and staying connected. It's pretty easy today to flick from post to post, so I appreciate it immensely that you took the time to click on my post and spend some time hearing my heart.

This Saturday marks the first meet of my outdoor season in track and field. The time off from indoor has been a huge blessing. Time to focus on other things, time to spend in the Word and being in constant renewal with Christ and also time to re-evaluate where track stands in my life. This weekend I'll be tackling long and high jump, as well as the 100m hurdles and the 200m sprint. I'm nervous, excited, feeling anxious, ready to go and also scared as anything. I think verbally anticipating my season as well as publicly declaring my intentions are key to having a season that honours Christ and the gifts that I have been given.

This season I have chosen to embrace the phrase "ALWAYS MORE". Always more stems from a blogger and God-filled woman, Audrey Roloff. If you are at all familiar with her blog ( or her and her husband's "beating50percent" blog, you'll know that Audrey is on fire for Jesus and has her eyes set on glorifying His name. Her motto "always more" really hit home when it comes to track. We are given the immense honour of having the sweetest platform to honour Him. What better place to do that then the track (and field)?



Always more is not only a phrase or a motto, but it has a big bundle of meaning behind it. Always more is a phrase found in the Bible numerous times (not necessarily directly), and it reminds us of many things in regards to athleticism and running our race for Christ. There is ALWAYS MORE that we can give to our competition. We are ALWAYS MORE than what our distance, height or time states. We are ALWAYS MORE and not DEFINED by our sport, rather, we give glory to Christ because He was the one who adorned us with such wildly beautiful gifts. We are ALWAYS MORE than what we wear when we compete, we are ALWAYS MORE full when we seek God first in every competition. Christ gives us MORE joy, regardless of the trial and timing. Christ reminds us that track is not our sole purpose, but glorifying Him is....there is MORE to track, MORE to competition, MORE to receive from Him, MORE to our teammates' stories, MORE to grow forward in, MORE to anticipate, MORE to love on, MORE and MORE and the list goes on! Man oh man, Christ is MORE than we could have ever anticipated.

Therefore, I publicly pledge that I will write "always more" on my left wrist to declare that I am in fact MORE than my sport. I am a daughter of Christ, running, jumping and throwing to glorify Him. Christ has this beautiful way of leading us constantly into MORE of him.



In anticipation for the season, I have a drive and desire to experience JOY through track and field. I will intentionally give MORE to my teammates, and MORE to my track family. It seems as though Christ is calling us into an open street that we are meant to fill with His love. That street is labelled "track". In anticipation for specific meets, I remind myself of what Christ calls us to; a life without fear. Imagine, what we could do if we knew we couldn't fail? We wouldn't be prideful, but we could embrace who we are in Christ and ran the good race for Him! He strips us of any shame, we are made new in His image, and we are deemed righteous by His grace, and given new life.

If you are reading this as an athlete, I pray that you would embrace "always more" with me. If you are reading this as a supporter, spectator, friend and so on, I encourage you to do the same, in whatever street Christ may be calling you down.

PS - If you're not busy on Saturday and Sunday, come out to the Percy Perry Stadium in Coquitlam for the first outdoor meet of the season (for myself and my teammates!).