late night ponderings.


Hey there! It's been almost a whole month since I last wrote - nuts right?! In that time span, I started school, met new teammates, started new classes and a whole lot of other stuff! It's been crazy to say the least.

My classes are actually unreal - I am extremely glad that I chose the ones that I did. Just last week I got to go to White Rock and paddle board for an hour with some sweet people! That's my outdoor pursuits class! On the other hand, I have so much going on, but am slowly learning how to balance it all.

Mars' Hill has been sweet too. I have been given the great opportunity to work with some super talented writers, artists and collaborators and we are releasing our first issue TOMORROW! If you're a TWU student, come by our tent after chapel at 11:30. There will be root beer floats. :)

Living on my own has been an experience too! Technically, I have a roommate, but I have to cook for myself and that has become simply a routine. It's sort of fun experimenting. Last week I made minestrone soup. :P

Today I wanted to reflect on friendships. I exited high-school with two really close friends and entered into university not knowing a single person. Over the past year, I have learned this weird balance between having best friends and people who you are so insanely close with versus having simply friends or acquaintances. I've been given the opportunity to step back and ask myself who I really value in my life and who the people are who I need to be more intentional and direct with. I believe it now to be not entirely a great thing to spend all of your time with one person - what about the other people in your life!? At the same time, I do believe it be crucially important to have close connections with a small group of people. Like I said, it's this fine balance between being vulnerable and open enough to make sure that you do have those best friends, but also making sure that you aren't living and breathing the same air as them 24/7. Catch my drift? We have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. The uncomfortable is not knowing, not seeing, not hearing or even not talking. That's just part of friendship believe it or not - the unspoken part. And part of trust.

That's all for tonight, and potentially for a little while. There is so much on my heart right now and it is all good, but there just isn't enough time to share all of it - school calls!

I leave you with Ephesians 2:4-5. We have a good Father.